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Connecting People

It is a platform to meet your missing friends.

Helping to School

Donate to your school and help to poor students.

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Right chance to maintain a healthy relation with your school friends.

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Participate daily activites in our association to publish our school history.

First Step to Start APRS OSA SCM

Mr. Venkat Ramana Ronanki ( 10th class student in 1992) has got an excellent thought of gathering Old Student's of prestigious A.P.R.School, Simhachalam ,who are settled all over the world and use their immense power for renovating the School, currently which is in bad shape, mentoring the current students of the school for their bright future and to serve the society wherever possible. As part of implementation of his great thought, he started gathering old students of 10th class 1992 passed out batch . In this process his batch mates Babu Rao L, Yacoob .T and others extremely helped him a lot to make the first Old Student's get-together ( Dt.13-sep-2009) grand success. The same day all the Old Student's who are inspired by Mr. Venkata Ramana motto of helping, decided to extend their help and for that they planned to form as A.P.R.School (APRS)- Old Student's Association (OSA)- Simhachalam(SCM). Hari Prasad Vendra , Jagadeesh Maram, Jagadeesh Mabagapu, P.V.G Prabhakar and others joined with him to bring the APRS-OSA-SCM to good shape.

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Association single time membership is required for all offical events,like alumni,get-togethers,donations etc.


If you are really interested to do something to our school, please donate to school via our association.


It is the man power to our association.volunteers are searching our batchmates according to their feasibility.

Quick Support

Association is always behind the school.And likely improve the school infrastructure and poor background students .


For ease access and connect to all users within fingertips, we are planning to start a mobile app. As per association committee by end of this year ready to launch our portal mobile app. initally it will be available in Android,Windows versions

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APRS OSA SCM is a completely voluntary organization. All volunteers are unpaid. It is a registered Association under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act., 2001 (Act No.25 of 2001) at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh with Registration number : 1000/09.
Yes you can subscribe our portal payment option or choose these methods- internet banking,demand draft and amount deposit.


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Website Team

Kancharana Bhaskararao and Hariprasad vendra from 1992 batch were proposed to start website.It was launched in the year 2008. Hari and baskhar are contributed 16000/- (each 8000/-) for the purpose of domain registration and web hosting,web page designing , maintenance and web space from 2009 to 2014.And 2014-2019 term hari contributed Rs.4000 for Web Hosting, Raviteja Contirbuted Rs.2000 for Domain Registration.From 2014 onwards website is maintaining by Mr.Raviteja Guna(2008 Batch).

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Friends Corner

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We believe all our students are really great. Becuase of results..

Gazetted Officers

Few of our friends are settled as gazetted officers.Like MRO,MPDO,RDO and Joint Collectors.


No worries surely aprsosascm alumni will make you fun and emotional...

Recent news

Website Launch

KANCHARANA.BHASKARARAO(1993) and V.V.V.P.CH.S.HARI PRASAD(1992) are contributed 16000/- (each 8000/-)...

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Get Together-I

Ronanki.Venkata Ramana from the 92 Batch had taken initiation for tracing 92 batch students...

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Get Together-II

R.V.Ramana started tracing, finally we traced 76 contacts of 91 batch, K.Bhaskr from 93 batch was already...

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Election Notification

APRS - OSA - SCM Election Schedule will be released in the 1st week of April 2017 ...

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Get Together-3

1994 to 1998 students were invited. And Principals of Respective Batches were invited ...

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Silever Jubilee

For Silver jubilee APRSOSASCM association has formed 3 members committee for organizing this event. ...

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