Curriculum View

Information :

Admission pattern in BC Residential Schools :

The ratio for admission of students into BC Residential Schools: BC-A: 20%, BC-B: 28%, BC-C:3%, BC-D: 19%, BC-E: 4%, SC: 15%, ST: 6%, EBC: 2% and Orphans: 3%.

X Class Results in BC Residential Schools (March 2014) :

During the academic year 2013-14, 2359 students appeared for 10th standard examinations. Out of which, 864 students passed with a pass percentage of 100%.

Other Details :

All the BC Residential Schools in the State follow English as the medium of instruction. Yearly calendar is being implemented to impart quality education to the students. Computer labs have been set up to provide computer education to the students. Students are encouraged to participate in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students up to 7th standard are given Rs.750/- per month and students from 8th to 10th standard are given Rs.850/- per month towards diet charges. Supply of Note Books, Bedding material, tracksuits have been introduced during the year 2013-14. Cosmetic charges @ Rs. 50/- per month for Boys of all classes and @ Rs. 55/- per month for Girls up to the VII Class/11 years of age and @ Rs. 75/- per month from VIII Class/above 11 years of age is being distributed from the year 2013-14. Supply of 3 pairs of uniform to all the inmates from the academic year 2014-15. Barber charges @ Rs. 12/- per head 6 times per annum is being spent for all the Boy students.

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